Saturday, September 5, 2009

Decorating a big girl room for under $60

My youngest daughter recently moved to a 'big girl' bed and we removed all the nursery furniture from her room.

What was left looked pretty bare, but I didn't have a fortune to spend for redecorating.

My purchases- total: $58
One curtain panel that matched the quilt (handed down from big sis): On clearance at Target for $10
4 new drawer pulls and a can of enamel spray paint: Lowe's for $16
2 sets of vinyl wall decals: Etsy for $32

Curtains: Target only had one panel left in the color I wanted... but I really wanted a valence. Well- for $10 I had almost 3 yards of fabric. I cut the valence into 3 sections, pieced them together, then sewed a simple valence with just a hemmed edge and a tunnel at the top.

Tada! New curtains:

Updated nightstands:
I had these two nightstands knocking around my house. They were a yard sale find about 15 years ago. Though the nightstands originally matched they no longer had matching tops or even hardware...





After painting (and drying) I then added some of the vinyl decals I bought to the tops of the tables. I also replaced the mismatched hardware with new matching pulls.



Wall decals:

These were adorable and easy to install. They come with directions that are pretty straightforward.... It's a matter of peel, stick, smooth, and remove the transfer material...

The result speaks for itself...

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